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Featured Project: Angles’ Care Expansion

We are actively engaged in fundraising for an expansion to the Angels’ Care facilities. The expansion will allow the organization to move from three locations to two (The Main Campus and The Agricultural Hall) with expanded services.

The Main Campus

We will acquire adjacent land to build new classrooms for the preschool. We will renovate older buildings to expand the number of children served. In addition, we will relocate the Crisis Centre to this main campus allowing for greater access.

The Agricultural Hall 

In 2020, Angels’ Care moved the feeding programs to an available building with greater proximity to the informal settlements where most of the children they serve live. This allowed the organization to store more food and access a kitchen. Angels’ Care ultimately purchased the building. This expansion would allow us to renovate the space, create a community center to house the feeding programs and create a revenue stream to fund the program

We need your help to complete the building project. The board of Angels’ Care and CUSP approve the project in late 2021. You can view the full project details here.

The overall project will cost around 10,000,000 South African Rand or $675,000.

In accordance with our mission to create unity between our supporters and partner organizations, the financing plan calls for this project to be jointly funded from South African sources and supporters in the U.S. Our goal is to raise $400,000 over two years to make the project possible.

Please consider a 2-year commitment or a one-time donation to help us get there. As always, your gifts are tax deductible. If you are interested in supporting the cause, please complete the pledge form below, give online or contact us.

Make a pledge today. 

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